Photography by Chrissy Wainwright

A service I can provide to you is photo editing. This can include things such as restoring old photos or removing unwanted objects. Please see the samples below.

Sample 1

Where the Cows Live Where the Cows Live

With this photo, I removed the fence, and gave the photo an "old-time" look.

Sample 2

Mr. & Mrs. Lindemer Mr. & Mrs. Lindemer

The changes here were mostly with the coloring.

Sample 3

Mr. & Mrs. Page Mr. & Mrs. Page

This was an old black and white photo. After scanning it, I did some restoring and hand-coloring.

Sample 4

Lambeau Field Lambeau Field

The effect used here is called "tilt-shift miniature fake". Using this process, I was able to make the stadium look like a model.