Photography by Chrissy Wainwright

My first real experience with photography was in college. I was majoring in Instructional Technology and Telecommunications at Western Illinois University, and photography was one of the required classes. I really enjoyed the class, and did quite well. The instructor was surprised to learn that I had never taken a photography class before.

I didn't start taking photos until a year a half later, when I got a camera for graduation. It was a Fuji FinePix S7000. It was a great camera to get started on, and I found out how much I enjoyed doing photography as a hobby.

Early 2006, I moved up to an SLR, the Canon Digital Rebel XT. By this time, I had also started selling some stock photography.

I have photographed a wide range of things: nature, macro, sports, night, church events, family portraits, and a couple weddings. I have found that outdoor photography is what I enjoy the most.

I currently live in a suburb of Indianapolis, and have been a member of the Riviera Camera Club since 2006. I work full-time as a web designer, as well as do a bit of freelance work.

To see more of my photos, please visit my Flickr site.